Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nie ma alternatywy dla podwyzszenia podatkow!

I believe that's Polish for "There is no alternative to raising taxes." It's the headline of my interview in the Polish magazine Wprost, concerning long-term budget and sustainability problems in lots of countries around the world, available in its Polish translation here.

The on-line Google translator (turning it back into English) conveys my remarks as including the following:

"States have moved closer to the border of financial collapse, which was previously only monster somewhere in the distant future. In the end, however, on their own skin convinced that there is no free lunch. Rising costs of public debt incurred by everyone, even those who finance them as holders of government bonds. They also will be taxed. And it is in their own interest, because without higher state taxes will not be able to redeem these bonds them. Simple rule that you must repay the loan, applies to all, what we find best, managing our household budgets."

This, again, is Google's re-translation, from the published Polish version of my originally English language interview. I presume it reads a lot better in Polish.

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