Sunday, April 18, 2010

From literature, on to cinema

Having given a book talk about Getting It at NYU last week, it is now time - though my Amazon sales rate is beginning to dip alarmingly - to switch my efforts to film.

I was interviewed for, and apparently do indeed appear in, An Inconvenient Tax, the recently released documentary about tax reform and Americans' perpetual (yet perpetually ineffectual) dissatisfaction with the federal income tax system. (I hope they didn't leave my best scenes on the cutting room floor.) The film is going to be shown at NYU Law School tomorrow (Monday night, 4/19/10, in the main law school building starting at 7 pm), although I believe it is mainly for the NYU community (general public might need to get in touch with someone such as me to have names left at the front guard desk). The showing will be followed by a panel featuring the film maker, Lee Sheppard (who also appears in it), and myself.

I suppose music has to be next. I am getting in touch with Paul and Ringo to see if they can help me record my latest, although without George's slide guitar leads perhaps it isn't worth bothering. (I'd also try Pavement, but they're busy touring. Maybe the Wrens are available? I know Tom Verlaine is in town.)

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