Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I probably shouldn't have said that

I was having dinner tonight with some childhood friends, going back to when I was a mere wisp of a thing (7 years old for the one I've known longest).

One of these old friends, who I remember as a fellow New York Mets fan from way back in the day, said he'd given up and is now a Yankee fan.

I agreed that I would shed my Mets fandom if there was a simple surgical procedure that could take care of it. But how can you root for the Yankees, I said, with their wildly unfair financial advantage over everyone else?

He said, when I come home at the end of a long, grueling, and stressful work day (he's a lawyer, but not out of love for the law), I want to watch good baseball being played. Would you listen to bad music when you have the choice of listening to good music?

I have an even better idea, I said. Why don't you simply DVR whichever baseball game is on first, wait for it to end, find out who won, then turn it on and root for the winning team? That way you'll do even better than by rooting for the Yankees. You'll see winning baseball being played every single time. What could be more satisfying?

He appeared not to like the suggestion.

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