Friday, April 16, 2010

More things that annoy me at the health club

How about, while stretching on the exercise mat, being crammed in too close to a narcissistic "Master Trainer" and his easily gulled client. The MT can scarcely pretend to watch what the client is doing, though the sunglasses he wears indoors are so dark he probably couldn't see anyway. He also is busy punching away on his iPhone, and when the mirror catches his eye he's lost - he can't resist staring at himself for a while. Near the end of the session, he graciously deigns to chat with the client for a few minutes (with no further pretense of still working out), thus presumably helping to ensure a repeat session.

If they're operating across the room I think it's funny, but when the act pushes into my exercise space I want to call the Better Business Bureau.

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