Monday, April 05, 2010

Reader comment on Getting It

I couldn't resist disseminating (with permission) comments I got over the weekend from a Getting It reader. He's a childhood friend, but one with whom I've only been sporadically in touch over the last few decades. Anyway, here goes:

"If someone had told me last week that you were going to cause me to have a great weekend, I would immediately have dispatched them to the nearest psychiatric center. Well, after I got the news about your book, I ordered it on Amazon, and I just finished reading it. It was hysterical! Doberman was just a great total sociopath! Obviously, your alter ego!

"And the overwrought, over the top metaphors were just so far gone that they were hysterical ... [My wife] got tired of hearing, 'Wait, listen to this one!'

"The story was also fantastic. I just loved the way Doberman plotted, planned, acted, reacted. He was the master!

"Seeing all of them squirm and be tortured was fun. It had a truly realistic feel to it, almost being hyper real, everyone a little bit of a caricature of real people. As I approached the inevitable train wreck, I could not put the book down!

"I know you fantasize about being Doberman. With your intelligence, the sky would be the limit. Unfortunately, you possess ethics, morality, a conscience, and compassion. Too bad!"

Ahem, no comment here on whether I fantasize about being Doberman. Or on how it actually comes out for him.

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