Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Amazon customer review of Getting It

Herewith my second customer review at Amazon:

"I highly enjoyed this debut work by Professor Shaviro. 'Getting It' is a very fast, fun read about three senior associates in a last-ditch battle for partnership. Unlike many other very good (The Firm, In the Shadow of the Law) legal novels set in law firms, "Getting It" is a more satirical portrayal of big firm life, and it is the better for it. Although Shaviro appears to have worked in private practice (at a smaller firm) for just a few years, he precisely captures some of the 'moments' of firm life in a way that left me laughing out loud.

"Overall, 'Getting It' was significantly better than I expected. Really, an excellent read. As a tax lawyer, I only wish he had written it about tax associates! But I suppose litigation is more relatable and has more mass appeal. Perhaps the next time around..."

Now, if only I could persuade some other of you holdouts (I know you're out there) that it will be "significantly better" than you expect...

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