Monday, June 21, 2010

One more week in NYC

Hot weather notwithstanding, I love (one could almost say live for) NYC summers. So long as the AC is working and bug problems (mosquitoes, etc.) aren't too bad, sign me up for this full-time. But unfortunately school schedules (my kids' as well as my own) mean that we can't as easily get out of town for extended vacations during the rest of the year, when I sometimes really wish we could get (and stay) away.

Since summer it has to be, as usual this summer it'll be combined work and play across the ocean. Next week I head to Oxford for a conference where I'll present my foreign tax credit paper (and possibly the S-S-S financial institutions paper if scheduling issues can be solved). Thence to Munich for 2 weeks, the first at the Max Planck Institute (where inter alia I'll present the same 2 papers) and the second touring the region with Munich as home base, which given its location in central Europe is a pretty open-ended proposition. Dachau (which I saw some years ago), Mad King Ludwig's castle, probably Salzburg, etcetera.

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