Sunday, June 20, 2010

David Zaring review of Getting It at the Conglomerate Blog

David Zaring at the Conglomerate Blog (which tax types will recall also used to feature Vic Fleischer) has just posted a brief review of Getting It. David finds it "concise, witty, and sometimes racy. I just sped through it, and commend it to you all."

As a serial reviewer of legal fiction, David compares Getting It to Kermit Roosevelt's In the Shadow of the Law, which I haven't read but realize I should. The two apparently take similarly dim views of life in a big law firm, though (as David notes) Kermit wrote in the thriller genre whereas I employ "black humor."

A word on the "concise" point. Getting It is indeed short - if you want to be technical about it, 61,000 words or so. Elephantine fiction is all the vogue these days. Back in the day, another aspiring author told me I'd have a better shot of finding a mainstream commercial publisher if I expanded it to 100,000 words or so. I declined; padding it struck me as insane, and I think the pace is a real strong point.

If you're taking your summer vacation any time soon, keep in mind that the Amazon shipping weight is only 6.4 ounces. But I get the sense from readers that you may want to set aside a stretch of time when you don't have to worry about other obligations while in the middle of it.

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