Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Another review of Getting It

The very popular and enjoyably snarky legal blog Above the Law has just posted a review of Getting It and interview of the author (moi), by Kashmir Hill. She says, among other things:

"If you’re the type who is convinced that the people you work with in Biglaw are evil, conniving, and ready to stab you in the back with a really sharp highlighter, you will love Getting It ... In a post titled “james joyce meets the paper chase,” an Amazon reviewer says: “If Joyce or Kafka had worked at Arnold and Porter, this would be their book.

"I’ve read a lot of lawyer fiction, but never something quite like this. The satirical novel is .... an 'American Psycho' take on Biglaw — funny and fast-paced, a great summer quick read. I devoured it on a plane to Chicago....

"People have told Shaviro it could easily be made into a movie. He could see a young James Spader playing Lowell Stellworth and a young Matthew Broderick playing protagonist/antagonist Bill Doberman. He lives on the same block as Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker and has considered dropping off a copy of the book.

“Neighbors do favors for each other,” said Shaviro. “I’d give him a book. He’d give me tickets to a Broadway show.”

UPDATE: Above the Law certainly has some pull. My Amazon rating has gone from 650,000 this morning to (so far) # 824.


Devon Kappa said...

I'm intrigued by your book, and am wondering if you plan to release it in ebook form as well? A reasonably priced Kindle version through Amazon would be OK, but even better (if your contract with iUniverse allows it) would be a multi-format release through a company like Smashwords. (I don't work for, and am in no way affiliated with, Smashwords -- I just like their service.)

Daniel Shaviro said...

Thanks. I'll have to think about this, but have been focusing for now just on getting the word out. I'm going to check out your website, etc. on POD books.