Friday, June 11, 2010

What else is purchased by Amazon buyers of Getting It?

Someone actually asked me this burning question recently, so I decided to give the Amazon page a look, and found the following:

Daniel Shaviro, Decoding the Corporate Tax - good thinking.
Michael Lewis, The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine - good match, as the world of Getting It certainly has affinities with that of rogue capitalism early 21st century style.
Carment Reinhart, This Time is Different: 8 Centuries of Financial Folly - ditto for the prior 8 centuries.
James Hirsch, Willie Mays: The Life and Legend - nice to see a fellow baseball fan, though I'm not convinced Mays is interesting to read about.
Michael Sandel, Justice: What is the Right Thing to Do? - good match in a different sense, as Getting It could be subtitled "Injustice: What Is the Wrong Thing to Do?"
Julee Rosso, Silver Palate Cookbook: 25th Anniversary Edition - must be a kindred spirit; I have and use the original one.
Christopher Buckley, Supreme Courtship - Though Getting It is darker, I suppose there are stylistic affinities here. I wish I could get in touch with Buckley and persuade him to take a look at Getting It, as I'm convinced he'd like it. Same for James Wolcott. But I don't have connections to either of them - any offline suggestions would be much appreciated.
Roberto Bolano, 2666: A Novel - I've heard of this and it sounds very interesting.
Stephen Carter, Jericho’s Fall - with all due respect to Steve, I think we have different literary aesthetics.
Richard Posner, The Failure of Capitalism - I've meant to read this but am already too familiar with the subject matter and thesis (with which I generally agree) to have it as a high current priority.
Antonin Scalia, Making Your Case - I hear Bill Doberman will be working with Nino on the second edition.
Joseph Glennon, Civil Procedure: Examples and Explanations - two great beach reads are better than one?

Cuisinart coffee grinder
Canon digital camera
The Wire: Complete Series (DVD)

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