Monday, June 28, 2010

Empty nest of a sort

Our cats have been relocated for their care during our upcoming trip, to what I believe they regard as a splendid wild game preserve in northern New Jersey. Chipmunk population there has gone through the roof, but all our heroes can do is look - which they do quite avidly, as well as chasing the little critters along the wrong side of the windows. At least they get to claw and partially eat the occasional cave cricket that took a very wrong turn from the outside world into the hall or kitchen. Myself, I would give any place holding them a very wide berth if I weighed under 5 pounds.

Even with 4 humans around, our home seems bereft without them. Their favorite sleeping spots are empty. We don't have them following us up and down the stairs. (More the latter as it's towards their food, but Buddy is like Kramer from Seinfeld - he'll follow you anywhere.) They are so interested, alert, aware, and in their species-appropriate way intelligent and observant that it feels wrong not to have them continually underfoot. Not to mention our missing for now the pleasure of having been accepted as surrogate mothers.

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