Saturday, June 19, 2010


League semifinals. Down 1 point. 2 seconds to play. My son is driving to the hoop, is deliberately fouled. Should be 2 shots for the win - but the ref incorrectly calls it on the ground, not shooting, so they have to inbound. Proof that the ref was wrong is right here. You can see he's going up for the shot - just as everyone saw it live except for the one person whose view mattered.


Christie Malry said...

Just as judges sometimes fail to take account of vital evidence, or apply the law wrongly, referees can get it wrong too.

In both cases, their decision has to be final. You can console your son that there's a lesson here in the difference between reality and perception, although now might not be the best time to try teaching it.

Daniel Shaviro said...

Thanks. BTW, your comment has had the side effect of acquainting me with the B.S. Johnson novel that presumably supplies your nom de plume (not previously known to me, but it looks quite interesting).